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Most Disappointing / Satisfying Aspect of the Sequel Trilogy?
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11-Jan-2020, 9:21 PM

Force-Abel said:

Valheru_84 said:

Force-Abel said:

Valheru_84 said:

Mocata said:

It’s the same thing as Luke testing his.

Except it’s not the same and that’s what my initial point was in replying to Yotsuya. Rey testing her saber was already discarded as a possible in story reason for igniting her saber since it’s clear it was completed well before this scene and would have been tested back when it was actually completed rather than carrying around an untested saber with no tools on hand to continue working on it if it doesn’t work the first time you go to use it. It is literally just the movie doing a soft 4th wall in saying “look audience, Rey has built a new lightsaber”. If they did have her adding the final few components that she scrounged from Obiwan’s hut and then testing it, then there was a reason in the story itself. As it is, her actions are inexplicable as presented and therefore the only reason left is the obvious meta nature of the reveal.

Mocata said:

However it makes no sense that this is Tatooine, a place important to the audience and not to a single character involved.

Yes, another issue with the scene among others I’m sure if you continue to think about it as JJ hopes you don’t 😉

You have now seen the TROS film?

I have seen footage of the scene on YouTube and read the leaked plot months ago. I might watch the full movie at some stage just to see it in it’s completed form but I’m not paying to see on the big screen what I already know I won’t enjoy.

Ah, you have viewed the scene is isolation - yet not in the context it is shown within the film.

If you went and saw the film on the big screen just think of all the more the negative posts you could make about it, a film you state that know you won’t enjoy, but post about so much.

Please educate me on the additional context the full movie provides that makes this scene make sense, despite what I assume another person who has seen the film saying it makes no sense? Or is this just a reason to make another jab at me?

Force-Abel said:
and not having everything spelt out for me.

Yeah this has nothing to do with what I’ve been talking about.