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Cassian Andor Live-Action Series
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11-Jan-2020, 7:06 AM
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I see people refer to Disney making the films when they want to be criticial or insult the films: this is correct?

It is not snide or ‘so snide’ to point out Lucasfilm make these films, and I did go and check Lucasfilm made them just to be certain.

You do not want to talk about possibilities for new Cassian Andor series? Okay.

Why do you not want to talk about not seeing Solo? You brought it up in here.

Jedit: I remember now, you are the ‘Pando Lando!’ man:-

Force-Abel said:

Valheru_84 said:

oojason said:
Some members are over-stepping the mark with their repeated criticisms - to the point of continuous negativity. Some have not seen the film, nor plan to, and stating why is perfectly acceptable. However, some are going far beyond this - seemingly going into related threads and making continued negative posts about content they have not seen, informing others here how awful the thing they hasn’t seen is… Some have seen it - and are doing similar…

Members here have left, are leaving, and considering leaving… whether temporarily or permanently… because of such repeated negativity from a few others on here - that is not going to continue.

If people can’t post in a civil manner here, nor have a modicum of respect for fellow members, and wish to spread their habitual agenda of negativity… they won’t be posting here at all - that goes for anyone.

This site is a vast one - and covers many aspects of Star Wars over a long, long time. There are many topics or issues to discuss - I suggest people find something they do actually enjoy posting about - rather than spending their considerable time and effort in repeatedly bashing or hating on films or the people who made them - and for some here who claim to not care about, or have not seen.

I believe that some of this is directed at me and fair enough if you feel that way though I didn’t I feel that I was spreading continuous negativity nor was it ever my intention to if you think I am.

There is a semi-crossover of conversation between the two spoiler threads, box office results thread and some supporting threads that I felt I was just organically replying to various posts that I felt I had something to say about or add to after making my initial posts on my opinion regarding the reception of the movie. I haven’t been able to get on much to the extent where I have time to reply often and quickly to an ongoing conversation so sometimes it probably does look like I’ve suddenly gone crazy posting in all these threads at once but it’s just me getting the chance to finally post that reply I wanted to hours ago or even the previous day, often there are multiple posts I want to reply to.

As indicated in my reply to Biggs, I don’t feel I am someone that would be saying anything in particular to make people leave and I find it odd they would choose to leave over some critical comments about TROS or the DT in a few specific threads out of the thousands on here.

The fact it seems I am restricted from posting further in here just because someone doesn’t like what I am saying doesn’t feel right. My more recent posts I actually thought were more lighthearted and the link to Thor was just a topic I thought was worth discussing since it’s an integral part of the Skywalker saga that TROS is supposed to conclude and whether you agree with Thor or not, he poses some good questions and has interesting discourse on many things Star Wars which I thought is what people like to do here.

I don’t feel that I have been uncivil once in here nor disrespectful to anyone in particular so at this point would it be fair for me to continue posting in here as just part of the normal course of conversation and if anyone feels I’m being unnecessarily negative, they can report my post which if you or another mod agree it is overstepping what is reasonable, then you can tap me on the shoulder via PM and I will gracefully exit the thread for a good while? I understood the warning at the start of the thread so like I said, I am not intentionally trying to create any trouble (not that I would otherwise want to anyway).

You are the man who threatened to punch the moderator over an image of Lando from Solo? (you have a problem with pansexuals or homosexuals? - I do not remember clearly? Though if it in is reference to the droid having feelings and wishes for Lando it is only ‘girl’s talk’ in the Solo film, and not a big part of the movie). You have not seen this movie either?


Yes, probably a good idea to talk about Cassian Andor series in this thread.