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The Star Wars Trilogy: Futuretrospective Edition (A Fanedit Which Will Never Be)
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11-Jan-2020, 6:42 AM
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11-Jan-2020, 6:59 AM
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  • I’d remove the “A New Hope” subtitle. The film would just be Star Wars.
  • I’d incorporate footage from the end of Rogue One into the Tantive IV sequence (something akin to this).
  • I’d restore the original “Artoo travelling through canyon” shot. Tatooine is supposed to be a desolate, ugly world with no natural beauty. The expanded canyon shots pretty Tatooine up too much, and I don’t want anything of Tatooine looking pretty in my edit.
  • I’d restore the original “Look, sir! Droids!” scene. I hate the cramped garbage with the shuttle and added stormtroopers and CG dewbacks. Screw that shit.
  • I’d remove the Death Star from the film completely. Leia would be imprisoned on Vader’s Star Destroyer, and Alderaan would be destroyed in a Base Delta Zero initiative.
  • I’d remove the torture droid from the scene in Leia’s cell and re-edit it to imply Vader directly tortured her himself.
  • I’d reinsert all the original Mos Eisley approach footage, keeping only the improved landspeeder effects.
  • This would be the incidental music playing in the cantina.
  • I’d reinsert the “wolfman with drink” shot while keeping the Rasta alien.
  • I’d reinsert Han’s girlfriend in the cantina.
  • I’d reinsert the original Jabba scene with Declan Mulholland intact. Taking inspiration from the radio drama, I’d make his character Heater rather than Jabba himself.
  • I’d recolour the bolts from Han’s blaster & the Millennium Falcon white.
  • I’d add cuts & bruises to Leia’s face.
  • I’d crop every shot of Ben taking out his lightsaber before encountering Vader so that he doesn’t take out his lightsaber before encountering Vader.
  • I’d reinsert the original “Han chases stormtroopers down corridor” scene.
  • I’d add light cast from the lightsabers onto all nearby surfaces.
  • I’d remove the shot of Ben’s empty robes falling to the deck after Vader cuts him down. I hate the “Jedi disappear when they die” concept.
  • I’d re-edit the Falcon’s escape from the Star Destroyer to indicate the ship received heavy damage from the TIE fighters.
  • I’d end the film on Tarkin & Vader discussing the homing beacon aboard the Millennium Falcon.