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Cassian Andor Live-Action Series
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11-Jan-2020, 4:10 AM

mykyta-R4 said:

^ “Disney came along and told you what actually happended” - Disney made Solo? Huh… I thought Lucasfilm did, like Lucasfilm made Rogue One, TFA, TLJ, TROS and The Mandalorian.

I went and checked for you because I know you have not seen Solo - Lucasfilm did make Solo 😉

No need to be so snide. Call it semantics because you know what I meant when I said Disney. If you want to be pedantic then yes - “before LFL, Ron Howard, Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan came along and told you what “actually happened””.

This wasn’t a dig at Disney, I was simply saying I didn’t need Solo’s background explained to a tee (especially after so long) for the same reasons as I was perfectly fine with the characters in RO.

No I haven’t seen Solo and I dont need or want to for those reasons and more.