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Info Wanted: The Phantom Menace HDTV Broadcast is the theatrical cut?
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10-Jan-2020, 2:14 PM

There are 3 versions of The Phantom Menace. Theatrical, DVD, and Blu-ray. The running time of the DVD and Blu-ray are the same with the major difference being Yoda (DVD = puppet, Blu-ray = CG). The theatrical version is what was issued on VHS (Both pan&scan and widescreen), LD, and aired on European TV. There are two airings preserved, TB and Orf. They are the highest quality versions avaialble. The pod race sequence is the original and the Coruscant speeder scene is original (both were extended for the DVD which changed the running time). There are other differences, but those are the ones that affect the length. A couple of shots were cut in the process of changing those two things and so a handful of clips are only available in SD (From the European broadcasts) until such a time as a film print is scanned. The DVD version was also broadcast in HD and Schorman has preserved all 6 of those (eps 1-6). The quality is better on several of them and it was before the Blu-ray edits were made.

There is no HD version of The Phantom Menage theatrical version available. There are several recreations. I have my own (which I have not shared with anyone) and I intend to see if I can improve those scenes enough to be mostly unnoticable, but if you want the best raw sources, they are TB and Orf (I think this one is Sweedish).