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The Rise of Skywalker: RESURGENCE (Released)
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10-Jan-2020, 8:53 AM

idir_hh said:

Great follow up on his characterisation from TLJ, just wonder how you’re going to implement it.

Having Kylo Ren destroy the planet (now repurposed as Corellia) at the beginning to “let the past die” will be challenging but possible. It will require moving the First Order’s use of the superweapon to the very beginning. The result of the First Order board meeting (where Kylo forces the guy onto the ceiling) would then be to destroy Corellia. The tough part is it’s definitely going to require some dialogue changes.

I considered cutting use of the superweapon altogether since it was so unnecessary. But now making it Kylo trying to destroy his own demons gives it a real dramatic purpose and makes him even darker.

Thanks for your feedback and please keep it coming as we go.