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The Rise Of Skywalker — Official Review and Opinions Thread
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10-Jan-2020, 8:04 AM
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10-Jan-2020, 9:10 AM
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Force-Abel said:

Maybe there should be a dedicated thread for those that wish to give an advert and credibility to monetised YouTube videos that bash on Star Wars films? Or to discuss how great or not those videos are?

And instead leave this discussion thread to having actual discussions of the film by actual members of this site?

Soon someone else will post another monetized bashing video in here - and a similar conversation to the one we have just had will take place, like they repeatedly did with TLJ, for Solo and for X, Y, Z too.

That someone posts up a review or opinion YouTube video of any discernable length in discussion threads and says they agree with it all (or 90%, or 80%, or most of it, or ‘watch this - it is awesome!’) instead of talking about the film themselves seems lazy to me, and that post is not worth engaging with.

It is just a possible idea to improve the flow and quality of discussion on here about the films themselves - and not talk about monetized YouTube videos that people seem intent on sharing as some sort of proof or validation of something - instead of contributing their own opinions and thoughts.


  • I don’t mean to exclude informative videos that help to highlight what has taken place in the film, or give various insights or interpretations of scenes or events in the film, from the thread.

I like this idea.

It is also difficult to have conversations with people who post similar videos in here and who have not seen the film themselves. If you were to ask aquestion about the video they post or film they cannot discuss it: they have not seen the film.


Wanderer_ said:

oojason said:

Wanderer_ said:

The unbridled rage take on the movie is here, and it’s awesome:

A 2 hour long youtube video from ‘MauLer’ on bashing TROS? Titled ‘TROS: An Unbridled Rage’?

No thanks - personally I’d rather watch something with balance to their videos, something without a pre-conceived agenda - and not 2 hours of a ‘video ranting about a crappy movie’ - or ‘Disney’s failure is now complete’.

Though fair play to those that do.

i understand how people who loved the movie cant take well constructed criticism, as seen with TLJ.

Congratulations on your generalizations.

People who love movies can’t take contructed criticism because they don’t want to watch a monetized and self desrcibed rant / unbridled rage / bash video?

From a member who tries to twist moderators words to make a point, and in first posts on here said…

Wanderer_ said:

i would say TLJ fans are the ones who just use racism and sexism as a card against people who have genuine criticism of the movie. Its quite toxic really,

but when moderator challenges you, you then say…

Wanderer_ said:

Im sorry to hear there was indeed a lot of hate and racism thrown into the mix…

^ Yet you have no problem with throwing it around yourself!

You seem to want to antagonize people who like the films or have different opinions, to build ‘sides’ or further a ‘us vs them’ mentality. I hope to be wrong, your posts here will probably prove that: one way or the other. It is the same for others who post similar to you.

Opinions do not matter as much as sides of a debate: the mindset of ‘I am right and they are wrong’ and will prove it by posting this: X, Y + Z, instead of actually reading posts and talking with people about their thoughts on the films.


So when you state the video is “The unbridled rage take on the movie is here, and it’s awesome” and later claim that “Its a very fair, balanced review though”, deny the words of the video’s own title descriptions (“video ranting about a crappy movie” & “Disney’s failure is now complete”), and put them with your other posts above:

…to quote Duracell:

DuracellEnergizer said: