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The Rise Of Skywalker — Official Review and Opinions Thread
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10-Jan-2020, 3:46 AM
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Shopping Maul said:

Broom Kid said:

Hiding reasonable, justified criticisms behind something called “two-hour-rage” is ridiculously counterproductive. Why would anyone want to watch a “two-hour-rage” directed at anything?

If the criticisms are reasonable and justified what’s the benefit in presenting them as two hours of concentrated rage?

In Mauler’s defence the whole ‘Rage’ thing is a result of his initial ‘success’ being a response to his TLJ ‘rant’ - which was just that - a rant (which I personally found hilarious). After that he did a proper critique of the film over several hours, and then sought to differentiate between his ‘rants’ and his critiques. I haven’t watched this one yet but I’m assuming it’s a big combination of both approaches.

I absolutely agree with you about the post-Plinkett Internet, but I have to say I like Mauler a lot. While I don’t agree with everything he says, he seems to have a good grasp of the subjective vs the objective in his assessments. But like I said, I haven’t watched this one yet.

Good post SM and I agree. His original TLJ unbridled rage video where you get to watch a watermelon slowly decay into rott was literally a rage filled rant which was just good for some catharsis if the film royally pissed you off (which it did for me) as well as a good laugh at times. Regardless of the ridiculous method of conveying criticism though, it was all pretty much on point. As you said, he did then follow up with a far more detailed and level headed break down of the whole movie and these two approaches pretty much defined his new channel and so he’s continued with that formula for the other movies.

In regards to this latest one for TROS, it’s definitely longer than normal but I think that is down to how much is compressed into TROS and how much is wrong with it, especially how it affects the saga at large. I don’t feel the “rage” was authentic here as it was in his TLJ rant, he is obviously pretty pissed at some things but more in an exasperated manner but moreover this one feels a bit more manufactured, especially his carefully crafted insults which after 1hr were really starting to get completely over the top and on the nose (and unnecessary, I think he’s really just trying to make the rant fit it’s own “unbridled rage” title and over doing it). All the points he makes though again sound completely on point, at least so far as I understand and from snippets of footage he has obviously pulled from a pirated source. You could say he nitpicks a lot as well (which could also be said of his massive critiques) but they again are on point and the sheer amount of them add up to the fact that the writers clearly have no real understanding of the IP they are working within.

Anyway this one wasn’t nearly as entertaining for me, more just sad as to the abysmal state the DT ended up at.