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Broom Kid
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The Rise Of Skywalker — Official Review and Opinions Thread
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9-Jan-2020, 1:46 PM
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9-Jan-2020, 1:49 PM
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idir_hh said:

Right… So you’re basically judging a book by its cover.

Of course I am. That’s an old cliche, not a binding rule of life and media consumption. Discernment and judgment play a huge part in deciding what media you consume, and when “the cover” in question is telling you “I’m a two-hour rant video full of unbridled rage” and I’m not in the market for consuming YouTube “film criticism” comprising two-hours of “unbridled rage” I don’t think I’m at fault for deciding to give it a pass, especially when I know (because I’ve seen and read it) there is a lot of incisive, insightful, and meaningful writing on this movie (writing that has a primarily critical bent, and negatively critical at that) that won’t take anywhere near as much time to consume and isn’t primarily focused on how much “unbridled rage” and “ranting” it contains.

If a food product said “Made with bile, vinegar, and feces” I wouldn’t eat it. Especially not if you told me I had to spend the length of a movie eating it. And if someone accused me of being closed-minded for choosing not to consume bile, vinegar, and feces, more power to them but I’d disagree with the assessment. There’s a very thick line between “open minded” and “open to self-abuse.”