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Peter Pan
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The Usual Sequel Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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9-Jan-2020, 1:06 PM

Recently I have been thinking about Rogue Leaders idea regarding the stormtrooper on Snoke’s ship. I like the idea, but I think such a scene would benefit Finn’s character from TFA better.
In TLJ Finn’s struggle is not to renounce evil and escape, but in TFA it is. So seeing other stormtroopers showing passive resistance would fit TFA better.
In TLJ it would not add much to the story, because Finn’s arc is to fight for a cause bigger than himself and stormtroopers resigning the fight does not enforce this trope.

Luckily I think we could create a scene like this for TFA.
The first shot would be Finn peeking around the corner, the first shot from inside SKB after the arrival of the resistance is almost perfect. Then we will use the shot of the two stormtroopers that evade Kylo’s rage after Rey’s escape. Some vfx may be needed to erase those sparks, although the whole left part of the screen could be covered using a still image. (thank god it’s a static shot 😃 )
This could be intercut with a reaction shot of Finn and maybe a closeup of the stormtroopers lowering their weapons.
What do you think?