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4K77 - Released
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8-Jan-2020, 5:46 PM

Tomas Stacewicz said:

My Panasonic Ultra HD Blu-ray player flags the metadata of 4K77 2160p v.1.0 as 23.976 fps. I cannot se any reason that the 1.4 is any different. But I will check it out soon.

Thanks - I know it shouldn’t be 60fps, just wondering why none of my Mac media players can tell me what the frame rate is. Interestingly, using Handbrake “same as source” to re-encode gave me a 23.97fps file, so mystery (probably?) solved, but it doesn’t explain why, for instance, when I try to create a new file with my own settings, it only offers me frame rates in the 30/60 frames world.

Anyway, 1.4 looks great!