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The Prequel Trilogy Revised - concept trailers released (WIP)
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8-Jan-2020, 3:12 AM

For those curious i plan on replacing most of the planets. This is a test run at some of the vfx, starfield, etc. Still working on all the maps and bumpmaps needed for all the planets. Its done in 4k though so it has a lot of detail at closer zooms.

Eventually i would like to create a couple blocks or miles of city for both Theed and Coruscant. This way ill be able to eventually create the ships and such and be able to create new shots of dog fighting through the city and over. I would like to have ships weave around buildings, so this is the only way to go. I would also like to improve the chase in ATOC. Let me know any thoughts. I think i need to ease the grain up and fix the starfield some along with the glow around the planet, if there is anything else lmk and hope you enjoy 😃