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Help: looking for... Highlander: original US theatrical version - to preserve
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6-Jan-2020, 7:30 AM
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6-Jan-2020, 7:53 AM
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Willarob good work I saw your video and well done good effort on it all!

Would you like to Help make an extended / ultimate version?

There are a few possibilities left not much I admit but there are instances of some small pieces of missing footage / music.

It mainly would center on the Kurgen end fight which was drastically shortened but also the missing special effects of the Kurgun quickening when he kills Ramirez (Ramirez death Quickening would be a fan edit type fix but one very important original missing special effect Restored).

The final Quickening also has numerous animation shots Removed. This would fit perfectly as The missing scenes contain the original effects look also.

Basically I would propose I will construct a sound mix for the end fight that has been shortened and point you to any cut material that would be possible to restore.

This is sort of off topic but I would like to help restore what was removed if you would be willing?

There is no changes particularly to the story or anything like that it is just stuff that is alternate and extended…Bit of music also.

This would be based on the directors cut or European Version.