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Return of the Jedi - Saga edit (working on the 1080p version)
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6-Jan-2020, 6:13 AM
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6-Jan-2020, 6:21 AM
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My problem with the reunion scene is that we get the hierarchy like this: Lando > Solo > Leia > Luke

OK, it’s like that from an operational POV (Achbar and Madine sort of explain it).

But it should be Leia & Luke > Solo > Lando.
Leia is the leader, but Luke is the only one capable of fighting Vader, so they are at the same level. Lando comes last just because he joined latter.
So having them enter the scene by this order makes more sense to me.

Another problem is that Han looks out of character by not having his shuttle crew ready. Luke can still come in and take the somebody else’s place.
And why does Han thank Luke for the rescue again ? Makes no sense since they had that conversation when leaving Tatooine. (if you count the deleted sandstorm scene, they have the same conversation 3 times 😉 )

Just stuff for you to think about on your edit 😉