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Reworking the sequel trilogy
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5-Jan-2020, 11:01 PM

So, where would Finn be?
He’d be the man from nothing.

Poe Dameron would be interesting as well, but I wouldn’t want him to be a total dunce, which is what he was.
He’s a dunce.

Han’s relationship with Leia was strained due to ambitions and differences.
The relationship fell apart because of Leia’s dedication to her role as general.
Han couldn’t hold the family together on his own, and Han never liked war.
Chewy would be more than a cheaffeur.
Kashyyk would be where I’d set the first movie.
We’d see the industrialization and colonization of Kashyyk as something key to the Republic’s agenda.
Perhaps Chewbacca is a general at this point.
Liberating Kashyyk from a fractured Empire would be a plot point.

Luke has tried negotiation but failed.
Thrawn allows the budding Sith a chance in the field.
Her and Luke have a duel, a game of sorts.
Perhaps we don’t see Han Solo until part two.
That would be interesting.
I really don’t know what to do with Han.

He would have matured as well, perhaps he’s another high ranking general.
But him falling back into smuggling would be interesting.
Perhaps him and Chewey have to liberate Kashyyk.

The question then becomes how to kill him off in an emotional way in the first or second films.

Luke has to die in part 9, Leia has to be alive at the end of part 9.
Thrawn would have to be as menacing as the Emperor, but without the Emperor’s power.
Even if Thrawn could be manipulated by a force user, it can’t be the emperor, and it has to be by an actor that scares the audience.
Suspense needs to be a major part of these movies.
the villains need gravitas.