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Idea: Reworking the sequel trilogy
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5-Jan-2020, 10:48 PM

My ideal trilogy.

The new republic and the empire are in a kind of cold war.
All stockpiling death star type super weapons.
I’d love to take this trilogy into a hybrid of the prior two trilogies.
Alot of it being small scale, but we’d get a glimpse of larger war scenarios like in 3.
I wouldn’t ignore all of Lucas’ innovations in the prequels.

I’d love to see at least one timeless issue be brought up.
In the republic, a man with no importance can rise to the occasion, not because he has important blood.
But, I’d love to explore Luke’s new direction for his Jedi order.
It would be more grey, Luke would be as much a diplomat as well as knight.
Luke would be fair, the thing I’d love to see in Luke is maturity, not as a jaded hermit.
But more Theodore Roosevelt.
It would be interesting to explore the Empire as a kind of Soviet style state, where it falls and becomes a second republic.
We’re not in the WW2 stage anymore, but US proxy war type situation.
The Republic is directly involved, but the Empire always fights with proxys.

What would be interesting would having Thrawn be the major villain.
I’d certainly have kept Luke falling to the dark side once in his history canon, that’s why he’s grey.
The Emperor clone did happen, but in the past.
It wouldn’t be the present thing.

Luke would probably explore the relationship with the Whills, and how he’s like a car to them.
Perhaps an interesting take would be keeping Rey as Palpatine’s grand daughter, but recycling a character from clone wars, she’s obsessed with becoming Palpatine.
What would be interesting would be her seductive capability.
She would easily be able to seduce Ben to the dark side.
But, she’d need to be a bad bitch.

Leia’s evolution would have to allow her to be more hardcore, but with a soft spot, not just for her family, but with the values of the republic.
She knows the toll this takes on her soldiers.
What would be interesting would be to actually give her the mindset of a true general.
She’s like Douglas MaCarther.
She doesn’t micromanage, but she knows how to run a battlefield, perhaps one of the finest generals in the galaxy and it would be no surprise that her and Thrawn would be engaged in a kind of tactical rivalry.
It’s a game of wits between her and Thrawn.

I’d like to see the stormtroopers be portrayed in a more effective way to.
They wouldn’t be clumsy or bad shots, they’d be competent at taking over ships.
I’d love to see the kind of things we saw in Rogue One for the space battles.

I’d also love to see an updated X wing, something that pays tribute to the original, but also looks a little sleeker, not a leftover X wing, but a Republic model X wing.
The MonCalamari have real influence in republic design.
Perhaps their designs would reflect a lot of their traditions, as well as celebrate the designs of the ships that won the Republic it’s independence.
They might have designed a fighter ship that looks similar to the Millenium Falcon, a Corellian freighter that has their designs on it.
They’ve advanced a lot, their ships are tactically impressive, not cobbled like in OT.
That’s something Thrawn takes notice of.

It would be interesting to explore Thrawn’s relationship with the budding sith, perhaps he would want an order of force users of his own, but he’s critical of force users.
critical of Vader, and of Palpatine.
He respects what came before him, but he’s not a dumbass.
Not quick to anger.
In my ideal trilogy, I’d have John Hamm play Thrawn.
I’d want their to be a lot of Naval themes within this.
I have a lot I’d like to explore.