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Reworking the sequel trilogy
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5-Jan-2020, 10:26 PM

Sidious’ presence in the expanded universe isn’t unprecedented post ROTJ, so it’s not the dumbest idea from the sequels.
I’d love to see some actual character development for Mary Sue, and some serious development for Finn, I expected Finn to be a vietnam vet type character, with some serious conflict going on in his person.
The other issue comes in with Leia.
I hate to mention the feminist problem, but, alot of these so called male feminists have no idea how to write or develop a strong female character, and then they rail for diversity, the tragedy is, to them diversity is only skin deep.
The fact that they’re dumb, and think they’re geniuses, then get mad when you point out that they aren’t speaks volumes about the problems plaguing this franchise.
After I fell asleep 3 times trying to watch TLJ, I felt jaded, and I still am.
I don’t care about the future.
Sure the Mandalorian is okay, I just wish that Disney hadn’t blown it with this trilogy.
TFA was too goofy.
TLJ was too stupid and political, wasting Carrie Fisher.
Rise of Skywalker, I can’t even abreviate, seemingly is two movies rolled into one, Abrams too cowardly to retcon TLJ.
I just wish I could save these films.

I know we’ll never see Fisher portray Leia again, but it’d sure be swell to see an animated show set in between 6 and 7, focussing on Luke, perhaps bringing in some of the Expanded Universe canon like the Thrawn trilogy.
I’d be happy with that at this point.