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Reworking the sequel trilogy
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5-Jan-2020, 3:36 PM

First of all, I understand that what I can do is severely limited, but.
So, I’m considering a fan edit of the sequel trilogy.
I feel jaded watching them.
Would it be worth my time to do this?

All I have access to is a handful of deleted scenes, and the ability to trim out dialogue.
So, from what I gather, once the final film is released on bluray, how could I trim it out.
I figure that the best I can do for 7 is to reincorporate some deleted scenes, and trim some other shit.

With 8 and 9, what can I do?
Most of the work I feel comes down to how I can rework 8 and 9.
I watched Plinkett’s review of TLJ and a seperate review of 8 and it described perfectly what I felt about it.
Still haven’t seen 9, as I’m really afraid of how much of a disgrace it’s going to be.
So, I’m curious if I can trim 8 down to the 1:45 minute mark, and trim out most of the crap.
Then merge the remaining footage from 8, after Snoke’s death into episode 9?
While trimming the shit out of episode 9.

I’m not a fan of the sequel trilogy, but I’d at least like to turn them into tolerable films.