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Info Wanted: Are there any preservations of Lucio Fulci's 'Zombie' (Zombi 2)?
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4-Jan-2020, 11:28 PM

OpenRift412 said:

Charles Threepio said:

As far as I can remember, this original theatrical mix is different than the one most of us are used to around the point where Dr. Menard shoots the zombie as it’s getting up, the end of the “shark vs. zombie” scene, and the zombie invasion of New York (the transition there happens after “…Manhattan. General Stein…” and the anchor’s scream sounds very different in the original theatrical mix).

Very interesting to hear. Who knew a movie with such a low budget would get so many changes post-release. Regrading and mixing’s one thing, but changes in voices and foley is just ridiculous.

Reminds me of when I saw the Evil Dead 4K restoration in theaters. It had an all new soundtrack and it felt far too grandiose for the original micro-budget film.

Ditto on the new Evil Dead score. Was much too much for the movie.

Film looked incredible, though.