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4K restoration on Star Wars
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4-Jan-2020, 7:50 PM

Ronster said:

ray_afraid said:

I’d say this is a perfect place to voice frustration about the situation. Blow off all the steam ya want, we’re all pals.
I think the mind of “We want the version we like” is coming across stronger than “Erasing history is wrong” & that makes some view the frustration/anger as silly/misplaced. Many conversations lately have revolved around this, and I think some are reading that as aggression.

Yeah point taken, but let’s take your statement about “Erasing history is wrong” you can look at that as the theatrical cut of a film not being released in high quality as is the main cause for Star Wars.

But you can also take this as the film was tampered with by the studio perhaps due to time restraints bums on seats in cinemas or imposed re-shoots.

This isn’t the same at all. Nor are any of the other examples you brought up.
Not the same ballpark, not the same sport.