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Help: info wanted... Deleted Scenes (PT, Solo, OT, ST)
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4-Jan-2020, 6:15 PM
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4-Jan-2020, 6:19 PM
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Okay, so I looked at the lists of deleted scenes and figured out which ones came from what sources. I own the 2011 saga box set, which means I have the PT scenes from there and all of the OT scenes, I believe. I own Solo on Blu-ray, which means I have all of those scenes. I own TFA on standard Blu-ray, which means I have the scenes from there, and I also own TLJ on Blu-ray, which means I have all of those scenes. However, there are some deleted scenes from the PT only available on the original 2001/2002/2005 DVDs (some are on the digital releases), which I owned at one point but can not currently find, and some scenes from TFA are only available on the digital release/3D Blu-ray collector’s edition. I have TFA on digital but I am not aware of a way to rip those scenes. Either way, I own all of these films on Blu-ray. I have three of them in their digital formats. I have a Disney+ membership. I really would prefer to not purchase four of these films again simply for bonus content when I can access them all in at least two ways (and I already must purchase a Blu-ray compatible disk reader), but some of these scenes are only on outdated physical formats, and while I may not end up using all of the deleted scenes for my specific cuts, I do need at least one from the physical versions I do not own or can not find. What am I supposed to do?