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Why don't people hate the Palpatine re-casting in ESB yet despise Force ghost Anakin's re-casting in RotJ?
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3-Jan-2020, 8:42 AM

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Marjorie Eaton with chimp eyes looks like “a guy in a cheap mask”, whilst Ian McDiarmid in cheap ROTS makeup looks “remastered”.

I don’t share that opinion, either.

Both have make up effects applied, the original holds up poorly whereas Ians make up looks a lot more organic and believable. In fact while watching the original version i always felt the emperors face was about to melt off at any stage of the movie.

Well, if you compare Revisited Palpatine to OUT Palpatine, of course the former’s gonna look superior to the latter.

I assumed that was the comparison :p
Unless there is yet another change i haven’t seen.

We’re discussing the 2004 change where George replaced the original ESB Emperor with the horrible RotS monster face Emperor. Not Adywan’s excellent fanedit.

I honestly never noticed the difference, in my mind the emperor was always Ian.

You don’t seem to get what we’re saying - the comparison you posted was 1980 monkeylady Emperor and Adywan’s fan edit alteration of the 2004 Emperor, which is vastly superior to the official 2004 Emperor because he literally cut and pasted images of McDiarmid’s ROTJ makeup on top of it.

THIS is the official 2004 one, which is just McDiarmid in his ROTS makeup and it looks like absolute trash.

I understand, but while its not as good as aparent fan made version, its still much better than the original i watched on tape. I dont understand whats so bad about the sample you posted.