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Dek Rollins
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SE Changes that SHOULD have been made/should be made in the future
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3-Jan-2020, 3:18 AM

ray_afraid said:

DuracellEnergizer said:

  • Cut the shot of Vader stomping on Ben’s empty robes.

YES. He should know what just happened.
I brought this up in the Revisited thread (years ago, probably). Don’t remember how it was received by anyone.

Funny that a change I’d like to see actually removes something from the film rather than add to it.
It works fine In Star Wars, but doesn’t make sense in A New Hope.

I’m not figuring out why him stepping on the cloak doesn’t make sense in the context of the “saga.” If we’re to assume Vader knows that Kenobi could do a Force Ghost Poof™, he was simply checking the cloak to make certain the body was completely gone. Otherwise, I don’t recall any of the other films, PT or OT, referencing Force Ghosts as a thing outside of Ben showing up in front of Luke.