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RAW DV VHS transfers of ISD Executor and maybe more (a WIP)
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2-Jan-2020, 3:49 PM

SF01 said:

Very interesting.

However I have an update on my project.
DV is something I might do, but I will be getting Blackmagic Hyperdeck and Teranex Mini to record the new SW films to VHS, so I guess I can go the otherway aroud and trasfer ISD that way to Hyperdeck to 4:2:2 and upscaled. Which is a step up from DV I think.

I’ll update when I get the equipment.

Any updates on this project? I’d be curious to see the way the Executor set laid out the supplemental material versus the Definitive laserdiscs.

Also, can anyone with this set offer a little more insight into the differences between the trailers on this set versus the laserdiscs? I know this copied over pretty much everything from the laserdiscs but in reading the list of trailers it sure seems like there were more on this than the laserdiscs. From the laserdisc rips I’ve seen they feature three trailers each like the DVDs, but the Executor set lists a US TV spot for New Hope, the second teaser (in both flat and scope) and the 1982 re-release for Empire and Jedi lists a “test” teaser in scope (is this just the “Revenge” teaser in letterbox or something different? I’d also be curious which Star Wars TV spot was included as there were obviously many to choose from.

Thanks for any updates or clarification!