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The Last Jedi: Rekindled (Released) (V3 UPDATE!)
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31-Dec-2019, 5:19 PM
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31-Dec-2019, 5:46 PM
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idir_hh said:

For this reveal to play out in TLJ naturally I think there has to be a build up, sprinkling strong hints throughout the film of a Snoke/Palpatine and Rey/Palpatine connection would go along way, this can be done by adding the blue smoke from ROTJ as Snoke gets cut in half, also hinting at Rey’s sinister ancestry in the cave scene could be done by playing the Sith whispers from TPM as a hooded silhouette stares back at her in the mirror.

Yes, I also agree. I think there needs to be two, maybe three clues elsewhere. One has already been done by Hal and TiMartyn with adding the Palpatine laugh during the last Luke/Kylo flashback.

Adding With whispers or hooded imagery in the cave also sounds like it’s worth pursuing (though I may lean towards audio-only here). I’ll just need to acquire the Sith sounds.

Siliconmaster482 said:
Though There’s a frame or two of him starting to look down at about 1:00 right before the last shot of the radio.

Fixed, thank you!

Also, DZ-330, I made another try at swapping the shots, same link as above. I cut to the closeup of his eyes on the word “Destiny” which feels better and more purposeful than what I did before. Also, the same link as above (so two options currently; with and without swapped shots).