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The Mandalorian : Radical Redux Fan Edit Ideas - SPOILER THREAD
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30-Dec-2019, 11:56 AM

lorang said:

Well just finished my take on the recent Mandalorian TV series, to condense the 8 part show into a standalone movie that runs 2hrs 38mins so I’ve roughly cut 2hrs 34mins from the total run time.

That mainly consisted of filler episodes 4,5and 6 but I had to make use of snippets from some of these to create filler sequences to maintain the flow of the episodes such as the introduction of Cara Dune character who was introduced in episode 4 but wasn’t central to the plot until episode 7.

Now I have created 100’s of cuts here way too many to list including isolating the sound track elements so I have 6 isolated scores to enable me to have either special effects removed or back ground music to enable me to blend some scenes together or play around with characters talking then using the official soundtrack score and placing music back in for dramatic effect.

I also had to use separate blaster or back ground special effect sounds such as steam and levers and so on to fill blank sounds that had been removed so had to create these from scratch.

Now the run time of 2hrs 38 could have been reduced to near 2hrs but I do like episode 2 and the Jawa’s episode so left this in for the most part, just a personal choice but any fan editors out there may want to remove this section to reduce the length down.

Episode 1 has a few trims, episode 2 has trims and wipes added, episode 3 had quite a few trims, wipes and isolated scenes for sound and redubbed and new music added and some extra snips from 5 & 6, episode 4 heavy cuts to remove all the story from the episode and scenes relevant to that story with just Cara Dune introduction added and ended were she says she was here first and Mando says this planet is taken, I then use alternate takes from the other episodes of him leaving the planet with new soundtrack added and sound elements added into the background.

We then pick up in episode 7 removing 5&6, minor trims here to several scenes that dragged the pace down, and episode 8 had to have numerous scenes cut, music rescored, dubbed and scenes rearranged as well as some new wipes added.

The show runs along quite nice now as a standalone
1080 resolution MP4 with DTS sound, currently uploaded to everyone’s favourite organ

Damn I’d love to check out your edit. Been waiting for someone to attempt an edit since chapter 8 came out. Too bad that site is locked to new sign ups.