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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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30-Dec-2019, 11:29 AM

Saw it twice. It redeems the sequel trilogy some.

I do like the idea of making tfa go mostly as a single movie and then have a break and then move in to tros. Star killer base can be minimized as a new more powerful death star and basically make it a base. Also, foreshadow the heck out of the sith. Perhaps the tfa scroll can include a reference. Perhaps this is what Leia is “resisting” and the rest of the new republic does not believe her. Use the image of the exogal base as a foreshadow when snoke is talking. Make snoke and Palatine more in on it. Snoke is palps new apprentice perhaps.

Also palps created Anakin and Rey is Anakin 2.0. this is the best. Perhaps the two people were not his parents and palps son perhaps they were the caretakers. Palps created the Skywalker line. Palps created Rey too hence she is a Skywalker.

Some of the minor things like chewie medal could be put in tfa.

Stuff to save from tlj, all force Skype and Rey training. I am sure there will be other critical areas too.