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4K restoration on Star Wars
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29-Dec-2019, 4:32 PM
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CatBus said:

Stotchy said:

CatBus said:

three of which I can handle like my existing official Blu-rays: glue them all together, put a string through the middle, and suspend them inside one of the cavities in the walls of my house, so nobody accidentally watches them or stumbles across them and thinks that I like those films enough to buy them

This is really funny.

That is seriously what I did with the 2011SE’s. You glue the shiny sides together so it’s really clear what’s on the disks. Star Wars and Empire on the sides, Jedi in the middle, a little offcenter so that you can see some of its cover too. They’re currently hanging inside the wall cavity of my youngest child’s bedroom closet.

Love it.
But be careful… Some may not think that’s valid.
I got heavily berated for announcing that I only own the paper receipt from my purchase of the BD boxset. “THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH! HE SHOULD BE BANNED!” even though it proves, irrevocably, that I paid my hard earned cash for the set (you can even trace it to my bank account). Simply possessing the set says nothing. Ya coulda’ stole it, bought it second hand, ect.