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CGI Yoda
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27-Dec-2019, 10:30 PM

I’ve always been curious why in the prequels (excluding the theatrical cut of TPM) Yoda’s CGI model looks so completely different from his puppet. The best I could come up with is that they wanted to make him look younger but ended up making him look like a different alien instead. If this was their idea it would have instead made sense if Yoda looked more and more similar to ESB Yoda with each prequel

Of course that said, the design isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just very different! Does anyone have an explanation of why they decided to go with this design?

As an added point, it would be awesome to see a CGI version of puppet Yoda replace the original CGI in the prequels in a fan edit or something. Obviously that’s a huge undertaking that doesn’t really have any real incentives, but it’s a cool thought to me! If I had the skill I’d love to put together a scene or 2 just to demonstrate what we could have had.