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The Map to Luke's location
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27-Dec-2019, 4:52 PM
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But even that doesn’t explain why the Imperial map from 40 years ago has a hole in it with a dotted line leading to the hole which perfectly fits around the piece reconstructed by Tekka, which also has that line continued to Luke’s island. Like, that map from the Empire must have been specifically intended to find that one Jedi temple, implying that Palps was working on finding it even after he assumed all the Jedi were gone, and it somehow got included in the installation CDs for the Death Star, and it would have been accidentally unrestricted information because even a floorplan of the Death Star detention block is unavailable to R2. And all of this implies that the Rebellion/New Republic/Resistance didn’t have this intel from the Empire even after conquering said Empire, nor did they have even a scrap of data from this region of space which would allow them to triangulate the rest of the map’s position. At this point I’m worried that the Resistance doesn’t know how a telescope works.

I’m sorry. I started thinking about it again.