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Cameron Samurai
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Men In Black: International Incident
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26-Dec-2019, 4:13 AM

This edit is based off of ideas by Hadam10Rose (mainly just the ending with T being the good guy) and a lot of other tweeks by me.

The edit is 1 hour, 23 minutes (plus credits) and includes no mention of the mole sub plot, now the weapon is kept from everyone because of M’s inexperience as an agent, and she learns to trust MIB only at the end (this stems from her childhood when she kept the alien safe), I also removed any scenes with her as a civilian and we’re introduced to her as an adult when she is recruited into MIB.

Hemsworth’s character is a lot different, his bungling has been scaled back quite a bit, now he’s more of an egotist who got lucky that one time he saved the world from the Hive, and needs to prove himself. Liam Neeson is now merely a long-suffering mentor who’s faith in H is tested, and then has his fears quashed the more the mission goes on. Lastly, there is a brand new ending that still involves the flying car (the scene where they first use it, in the original cut they’re on their way to stop T, but in this edit they’re using it for yet another mission)

I wanted to use footage from the NBA promo trailers but they proved to be too long, unfunny and made H look really dense.