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The Sequel Trilogy: Trilogized (a Work In Progress)
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26-Dec-2019, 3:51 AM
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28-Jul-2020, 11:43 AM
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This project is aimed at making the Sequel Trilogy feel more like a interconnected trilogy and not one knock-off film then a reaction to that and then a reaction to THAT, each making less sense than the last. It’s clear there was no united vision here and Rian and JJ have very different ideas of what Star Wars should look like. Watching these movies in series is a disorienting experience, to say the least. The worst offender is easily TROS, which had the chance to balance things but instead JJ went with being reactionary and stubborn about what he wanted. The worst of TROS’s problems is that it brings in entirely new plotlines that have no basis in the first two films in the trilogy, most notably the revival of Palpatine with no real explanation and Rey’s shoehorned new parentage. This project will make edits to all three films (most heavily TROS) to make the whole thing flow and in the case of TROS, fix JJ’s terrible last-minute storytelling decisions. There is unfortunately no way to edit out or replace Palpatine being brought back, dumb and lore-breaking as it is. We will have to work with that, which means that we’ll have to start setting it up from the the first film. This will be done through the addition and moving around of a few scenes and dialogue being implanted into TFA and TLJ, alongside new crawls for all 3 films. These versions won’t make heavy edits to either TFA or TLJ aside from what’s been mentioned. The purpose of this fanedit is not to fix your qualms with Rian’s decisions or humour you don’t like but to make this feel like a trilogy, period. If you’d like to use these as a basis for future edits, feel free.

Here is a general overview of the changes I’ll be making:

  • New crawl for TFA that hints someone we know might have returned and establishes that he’s responsible for building and sending the First Order as a threat. Here’s a work-in-progress:

"Beyond the edges of the known galaxy, a familiar ancient evil has returned and built an armada known as the FIRST ORDER.

With no help from the New Republic, GENERAL LEIA ORGANA has scraped together a RESISTANCE to oppose this new threat to the galaxy’s peace.

Luke Skywalker has disappeared. In a desperate attempt to find her brother before the FIRST ORDER can extinguish the last of the Jedi, Leia has sent her most daring pilot on a secret mission to Jakku to find the key to Luke’s whereabouts…"

  • When Ben is speaking to Vader’s helmet, ,add in a whisper of Palpatine saying “Find me…”

  • The film’s cliffhanger ending with Noble Luke makes the transition to Scared Luke and throwing the lightsaber very jarring. To address this, TFA will end with Rey and Chewie leave with the Falcon for Ach-To. Cut to Credits.

  • New crawl for TLJ (WIP):

"The First Order reigns over the cowering Republic. Supreme Leader Snoke deploys his merciless legions to seize military control of the galaxy.

Only General Leia Organa’s band of RESISTANCE fighters stand against the rising tyranny, certain that Jedi Master Luke Skywalker will return and restore a spark of hope to the fight.

Meanwhile, Kylo Ren, hearing voices from the beyond, searches for the source of an immense dark power beyond even Snoke…"

  • New color grade for TLJ to fit in better with TFA and TROS

  • Move the opening scene of TROS to the very start of TLJ. Pan down to Kylo flying in to Mustafar where we see him slaughter the natives and finding the Wayfinder. Having Kylo be aware of a bigger power than Snoke and searching for it ties into his growing resistance to Snoke that we see throughout TLJ and his decision to kill him. It doesn’t undermine his resolve to kill those above him and become Supreme Leader because he’s searching for Palpatine so we can kill him too. And that ties into the other scene we’re adding to the end of TLJ below.

  • When we cut to Rey after the Resistance escape scene, it’s to Rey climbing the steps as at the end of TFA. We seamlessly work in her presenting the lightsaber and Luke throwing it away, making it feel like the scenes are from the same film.

  • Before or after the broom boy scene at the end of TLJ, we see Kylo land on Exogol and face Palpatine. Now Palpatine’s line that every voice Kylo’s ever heard has been him has much more impact. A bunch of other changes to this scene:

  • Palpatine doesn’t say “kill the girl”, he only says “find the girl”. This change will be made throughout TROS. Palpatine’s plan in this film doesn’t make sense if he wants Kylo to kill Rey but at the end actually wanted her there to be Empress. In my version, he’s telling Kylo to find her.

  • Palpatine doesn’t say he created Snoke. We change the word “created” to “trained”. It is a lot less dumb to have Snoke be a real dark side user that Palpatine trained as an apprentice to lead the First Order as opposed to being a clone (which doesn’t fit with how he’s been presented since TFA).

  • Take out the last part of this scene where Rey’s identity comes up again. In my version, she is not a Palpatine. This is exceedingly dumb and undermines one of the strongest themes of the ST: That your bloodline doesn’t matter and anyone can have the destiny of greatness. She is a nobody, period. Palpatine has been searching for her to turn her to the dark side and do his bidding, the same as he wanted from Anakin and Luke.

  • The film ends on a cliffhanger. We see both Luke’s sacrifice inspire the galaxy (broom boy) and also the Sith Final Order Fleet rise. The Palpatine has been built up to for two movies and isn’t out of the blue. This leads to a finale with much more anticipation and with higher stakes than TLJ’s.

  • New TROS crawl (WIP):

"Having schemed from the shadows for decades, a clone of the late EMPEROR PALPATINE brought terror to the galaxy through Snoke and the FIRST ORDER. Now he uses his shadow clone army to unleash the FINAL ORDER and complete his conquest.

REY, the last hope of the Jedi, trains for battle against the diabolical FIRST ORDER while KYLO REN closes in on her trail, determined to turn her to the dark side.

GENERAL LEIA ORGANA dispatches secret Resistance agents to find clues on how to find and vanquish this reawakened evil once and for all…"

  • Couple key things here: how did Palpatine survive and build/hide a massive fleet of ships? We know from the prequels he’s a big fan of clones and cloning. Him having stashed a low quality clone of himself far away as a contingency makes some sense. Him continuing to use the Kamino tech to build a new clone army to build new ships is also within the realm of reasonability. It’s a better explanation than none

  • We open to Finn and Poe’s mission where they receive the message from the spy and continue normally from there.

  • There are too many useless fetch quests stuffed into the start of the movie which is cut together manically and fucks up the pacing. The most useless of these is the side mission to Kijimi. I’m going to attempt to cut it out entirely. Here’s how it’ll go: C3PO finds and reads the Sith Dagger. Instead of him saying he can’t read it out loud, we see his eyes turn red and use the audio from Kijimi. As he’s speaking we see the snake thing come up behind him and he’s interrupted. Unfortunately, you can’t edit out the Chewie fakeout but that whole thing happens and they leave Passana on Ochi’s ship. We keep a few of the scenes from inside Ochi’s ship but then - and this is the tricky part - We try to pass off the inside of Zorii’s hideout as the inside of Ochi’s ship. Since we see so little of the latter, I think it’s possible. Just like it happens in the movie, we see Ren’s ship pop up outside a window, the implication being that Ren followed them. Might need some After Effects here to remove the clouds in the Kijimi sky and make it look like space. Cut to them flying into Ren’s ship on Ochi’s ship. The ship scenes play out the same until Ren returns.

  • Since Kijimi is being cut out, Zorii is also cut out from the movie (i.e from the battle at the end and final scenes)

  • Remove as much of Finn’s “feeling” and “instinct” talk. Him being Force sensitive is never resolved and I don’t want to leave a dangling plot thread. I’ll remove as much of this as I can.

  • Remove the reveal on Ren’s ship that Rey is Palpatine’s granddaughter. Her reaction still makes sense if Ren is referring to her growing dark side powers (as evidenced by the force lightning). She leaves on the Falcon.

  • In the Luke scene, take out Luke’s mention that he and Leia knew she was a Palpatine. This doesn’t make sense from a timeline perspective. This film still works with her discovering her potential for darkness without the Palpatine connection.

  • In the final showdown scene, remove all of Palpatine’s talk about family and bloodline and focus on him trying to turn her dark. This might be a bit choppy but I think it’s doable.

  • Depending on if it it can be done in a way that doesn’t look cheap or cheesy, I’d like to actually have the Force Ghosts of some of the Jedi who speak to Rey show up on screen, especially Anakin. It can even be a mostly static shot and it would tie together the saga better. We’ll see on this one.

  • Kylo dying is a terrible end to the best character in the ST. He survives. Just like Rey healed his fatal wound without dying, he too can heal her and live. After he heals Rey and they kiss, we cut away. Soon after, we only see Rey leaving on the X-Wing.

  • Remove weird Lando/Jannah scene which is also dangling and unnecessary.

  • in the final scene, we remove the cringey “Rey Skywalker”. Add her line from earlier where she says “Just Rey” to replace “Rey Skywalker”. This better fits the theme of the ST: she realizes that even if she doesn’t come from some special bloodline, it doesn’t matter. She is no one, and that’s enough.

  • The money shot: in the final double sunset shot, as Rey and BB8 face the waning suns, we see in the far distance, silhouetted against the pale light, the shape of a TIE Fighter, the very same one flown by Ben to Exogol. Fin.

I’ve already started making the heavy TROS edits on the HD camrip to see the extent of what is and isn’t possible and I may share clips if that turns out to look good. Otherwise, I mainly just want feedback on these ideas until the HD version drops. I really want to end up with a version of this trilogy I can enjoy watching without whiplash.