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STAR WARS: Episode 7 & 8 [Trilogy enhancement]
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25-Dec-2019, 12:49 PM

I am now rendering The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

I will revisit both for a Version 2 - a final version, upon the release of the newest and last SW entry. Simply to finish of TLJ with the Palpatine reveal.

TFA has a runtime of 2 hours and 6 seconds, and TLJ a runtime of 2 hours and 8 minutes - with credits. I re-instated Finn being caught by a Rathtar for two reasons:

  • Foreshadow Rey’s force sensitvity (realizing a monitor behind her could save her friend).
  • Extend the runtime to be 2 hours, rather than 1:59:36. All SW films are 2 hours +.

TFA Major Alterations that are not stated in the first post:

  • Maz Kanata and her Cantina is heavily trimmed. No “HAN SOLO!” and extended Cantina.
  • Borrowed NeverarGreat and Hal9000’s idea and execution of Hosnian System destruction, with my own personal alterations: no Deathstar Weapon, no planet DESTRUCTION (Republic and neighbour planets are indeed attacked and their capitals crushed), extended Chewie cries upon Han’s death.
  • Re-instated trailer shot of Kylo Ren in the forest, upon meeting Rey and Finn. I think the new series of events in The Final Duel are intense and awesome.
  • Heavily trimmed everything on Maz Kanata’s planet (can’t even remember the name of it cuz i find it so boring). The original film drags so long on this boring planet - near 15 minutes. Now it’s a fancy 8 minutes.
  • Removed Maz Kanata speaking to Rey about the force and the lightsaber after her Force Vision. Not needed. At all. Rey panicks and leaves the Cantina after her vision.
  • Finn is dumbed down.
  • Finn is shown to be hesitant towards Kylo Ren and The First Order, contemplating killing him upon Kylo Ren’s murder of Max Von Sydow as a sort of panic response.
  • Finn is edited into some of the Kylo Ren and Poe confrontation, to strengten Finn and Poe’s later encounter and friendship.

… lots and lots more, but I’d prefer for you lot to experience the film as something new and exciting.

TLJ Major alterations that are not stated in the first post:

  • Lightsaber duel is now added for Kylo Ren and Rey vs the Guards. All SW films should have a saber duel.
  • Luke has his green saber and hilt at the end confrontation against Kylo Ren.
  • Removed Luke’s descent into a Force Ghost, but kept his death through dialogue (Rey and Leia dialogue in the Falcon).
  • Snoke instructs Kylo Ren to kill his mother as a final test of his allegiance and powers.
  • Rey trains with Luke. It feels like she has been training with him for a week or two before leaving Ach-To.
  • Luke never tried to kill Ben out of fear, but went into his chamber to see if HIS fear’s were true. Upon which Ben awakes.
  • Luke never states that Rey is TOO powerful or TOO dark side.
  • Luke is way less cowardly and angry.
  • Luke has his moment with R2 near the second act of the film, right BEFORE Luke tries to help and communicate with Leia upon the rock foundations. This sets a few things in motion that i think the film is better of for:
    • It shows that Rey’s influence and presence has an impact on Luke, causing him to become more soft and caring again rather than cowardly and careful.
    • It makes R2D2’s inclusion to the story more impactful, as R2’s hologram of Leia pushes Luke over the line of distance. He now REACHES OUT.
  • Some alterations to Rey and Kylo Ren’s force calls.
  • Borrowed an inspiring edit of Kylo Ren’s killing of Snoke.
  • Film ends with the Falcon going to Hyperspace. Originally had the kid with the broom, but after the latest SW entry this no longer serves any purpose whatsoever.
  • Made the Opening Space Battle less tiresome, and more involving.
  • Removed A LOT of the Rose Tico theme. It is present in all her scenes. Kept it intact for about two or three scenes.
  • A musical alteration during Snoke’s Throne Room sequence (the first act), a 30-second piece.
  • A musical alteration during The Falcon’s reveal during Crait (i think you’ll love this one). I will also add that since I removed The Falcon battle in TFA on Jakku, this is THE FIRST TIME we actually see the Falcon in action in this Trilogy Enhancement. That way, it is much more meaningful and much more believable that Rey and Chewie do what they do with the experience and training they now have in their respective journeys.

… and like 100 more alterations if not more, but again - I like to say as little as possible, and just SHOW.

Both films start with Rey.