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Darth Lucas
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4K restoration on Star Wars
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23-Dec-2019, 11:40 PM

I am also part of the generation where the ‘97 SE was “my Star Wars”. People will argue forever and ever which is the “right” version and which is better and more enjoyable/immersive to watch. That’s really not the point though.

When I watch Blade Runner, 95% of the time I watch “the final cut” cuz I think it’s the best version. But if I didn’t have access to the original theatrical cut? You bet your ass I’d be pissed. I hardly ever watch it, but I’m glad to have the option to watch any version I so choose, because sometimes it’s interesting and fun to see it the way it was originally seen, even if you don’t necessarily PREFER it that way.

The issue has never been with George altering his movies. Directors do that all the time. The issue has always been about having the OPTION to watch the originals. Improve them all you want in any way you want, but don’t tell people the original version doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t take the movie they fell in love with away from them just because YOU aren’t wholly satisfied with it. It’s incredibly selfish.