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4K restoration on Star Wars
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23-Dec-2019, 5:41 PM

Ronster said:

That is correct…

My Top 10 that need something done…Re-Edit and Restore

1.An American Werewolf in London*

2.Conan The Barbarian

3.Star Wars (A New Hope)

4.Enter the Dragon

5.Apocalypse Now! (Still pending the Apocalypse)

6.Total Recall uncensored*

7.Dune David Lynch Directors Cut

8.Gladiator Uncensored version

9.Alien Further Extended and Uncensored

10.Stargate Extended and uncensored with completed special effects

*Never had alternate version

I Can dream though… Let’s face it. I’m still not Happy with most of the re-cuts that these films already had and this is the main Reason why it is important to always keep the theatrical versions. you always have that to go back to.

Star Wars stands out as a totally different beast to these films though.

Highlander would be 11th but it’s no biggie over the rest of these.

Raiders of the Lost Ark would be 12th but again it’s done well but it’s a tease on some deleted scenes.

13th Would be Jaws for the Alex Kitner Death Censorship amongst music cues removed and stuff.

Essentially when a alternate cut and deleted scenes surface or you know about what is missing you can get a syndrome about it some what, and It can be hard to shake off… But only on films of huge magnitude with amazing artistic merit.

Just as an aside. I am looking forward to Villeneuve’s Dune next year more than I did with TROS. I know, I’m a heretic.