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The Rise of Skywalker: Ben Solo should have been Luke's & Leia's son
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22-Dec-2019, 3:15 PM
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1-May-2020, 2:43 PM
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Food for thought:

Would it have made more sense overall, if Luke and Leia were not brother & sister, but lovers. And Ben, was Ben Skywalker. This way, his Grandad is still Darth Vader, and Luke would have felt more personal failings, preventing his own son’s turn to the dark side. (It makes much more sense, Luke would have named his son after Obi Wan) Also, Rey could have remained a Palpatine; and still had the love story with Ben. The Rise of Skywalker is therefore a much better allusion to the redemption of Ben; but ultimately the prevention of Rey’s turn to the dark side and take up of the Skywalker name. This way, Rey is also then therefore much more the adopted child of Luke & Leia. The ‘parents’ she never had.

Is this all too neat? The only thing you really lose, is Han’s involvement, and his love affair with Leia; but honestly, is that a big lose. Han was always a ‘solo’, hence the name.