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The Rise Of Skywalker — Official Review and Opinions Thread
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21-Dec-2019, 7:29 PM

So, I saw it midnight Wednesday night/Thursday morning in the UK. At that time i felt it went at 10000mph with no time for the emotional beats to register and it was a bit of a mess but i walked out enjoying it if quite disappointed. I didn’t hate it but equally, whilst i thought the film was fine i was a tad disappointed. I saw it again last night with my wife and some friends who are casual fans. They all LOVED it. I, seeing it again and knowing the plot, REALLY enjoyed it second time around. I was swept away with the emotion and was happy to step over the plot holes, after al plot holes aren’t unique to the sequel trilogy. It was so cathartic. I recommend doing this!

Is it perfect? Hell NO! Is it as bad or as good as people say with their 1/10 or 10/10 reviews & do they represent a true reflection? I don’t think so, no. That’s just bratty behaviour either way you roll the dice. BUT, it was fun the second time. Regardless how you felt about IX i recommend going for a 2nd time just to take it all in.

Art is subjective, after all. We don’t always get the product we want, but we do get the product that is created. Take a step back, breathe, and relax. This movie about our beloved space wizards was NEVER going to live up to expectations, was it? BUT it might just be fun once you drop your fanboy/girl demands.

You might not like what I say, and i do say i enjoyed the flick the 2nd time around, but i hope you have a happy holidays and a mighty 2020. MTFBWY.