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General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread
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21-Dec-2019, 5:19 PM

Return of the Jedi - well, while the new color grade is vastly superior to the previous DVD and BD versions, this is the first one where I feel the complaints about saturation are valid. Most of the film still looks great, but there are some scenes on Tatooine and in the Endor forest that do indeed look too washed out imo. It’s not terrible, but it was noticeable. But still, best looking “official” version since the SE prints were being screened in theaters back in the spring of ‘97.

Again, the changes are unnecessary and distracting at best and downright ridiculous and out of place at worst. I still take the side of those who argue including Hayden as the ghost both makes no sense from Luke’s perspective (who is that guy?) but, more importantly, completely fails to grasp and acknowledge Anakin’s redemption. He shouldn’t revert to his pre-dark side self. He’s redeemed! Born again! Inspite of his checkered past. The unmasked old man IS the new light side Anakin. Ignoring that lessens and perhaps even invalidates his redemption arc.

Other than that it’s still a solid conclusion to the trilogy. Drags a bit in the middle but the third act is pretty powerful.

And I’m still enjoying taking a step back and viewing the series from a sort of “galactic history lesson” perspective. Very cool seeing how it all fits together.