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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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21-Dec-2019, 3:45 PM

Rise of Skywalker feels like a 10 episode season, edited down into a 2.5 hour movie. I just wonder if the trilogy could be cut down into one really long movie, or maybe a 2 parter. You could keep the introduction stuff from TFA, cut out the fat from TLJ and ROS and have a mostly solid story, without the stupidity.

I for one don’t care about the Rey Palpatine thing. Hell, I expect it at this point from Star Wars. Everybody ends up related. It’s been a dumb concept since Return of the Jedi. The only time it was ever a cool character arc, was when Vader revealed that he was Luke’s father. Everything else has just been trying to recapture that moment, and it falls flat. It is stylistically a neat concept, but as I said, it’s played out in Star Wars lore to the point it doesn’t even annoy me.