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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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21-Dec-2019, 8:59 AM
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21-Dec-2019, 9:03 AM
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Anjohan said:

I’m just going to have to say this: we can edit this trilogy as much as we’d like (I am doing it too), but one thing is for sure - this trilogy is an underwhelming, conflicting and highly uninteresting mess. I hope and think that we can achieve a 30% overall improvement to the trilogy with edits, but there is no way in hell we’ll go anywhere

above that.

Semi-agree. I’ve yet to see a TFA cut that holds my interest throughout (are there any good TFA edits that are 100 minutes or less?..because a film that unexciting should at least be short in length!). TLJ’s Fallen Knight edit really elevates the film by cutting off the fat/corny humor/subplots. Had that been what was shown in theaters I would have absolutely loved it. However, I think that TRoS’s retcons, SW-Universe-shrinking reveals, and recoilings are a new challenge to fanediting entirely.