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Recommended Editions of Disney Animated (and Partially Animated) Features
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20-Dec-2019, 7:57 PM

tomi said:

nevermind just checked and it is 16:9

Yeah, I meant to answer you but I forgot to before this. Sorry. I thought the framing looked ok but, again, this is only my 2nd viewing of the film.

WattsFilms1990 said:

Out of all the restorations I’ve seen from Disney, one of the worst color restorations I’ve ever seen from them is the Region 1 DVDs of one of my favorite Mickey Mouse shorts, The Prince and the Pauper.
I mean, just look at this!
The difference is almost literally “night and day”!

Here’s a video comparison I made some time ago:

Boy, then I have slightly unpleasant news: Disney+, while HD, looks more like the DVD image, at least the scene that those screenshots came from.

I JUST watched your video and there are scenes where I agree that the VHS had better color (especially the nighttime scene by the window, but also the golden color in one of the chase scenes). The newer copy looks fine to someone who hasn’t seen the VHS and I feel it’s brighter at least partially to compensate for VHS’ reduced ability to show details (I read this affected the VHS of the 89 Batman as well) but I can certainly see a difference (at least more than some Winnie the Pooh comparisons I’ve seen).