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The Rise Of Skywalker — Official Review and Opinions Thread
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20-Dec-2019, 7:06 PM

Saw it last night. Theatre was emptier than whay you would expect for a Star Wars film, even in these latitudes.

It was a nice ride, plainly better than TFA, and more enjoyable than TLJ, closer to what Star Wars feels, albeit in a superficial way, since had I to put a reference to this movie, I’d claim it is a Raiders of the Lost Ark type of film.

Enjoyed the first and second act, with the caveat that it was clear from the beginning that nothing would make much sense. The end though…made it all feel hollow, made it come up that the whole film was way too fast paced, and pretentious.

I’ll write about it later in a more extensive review, but I don’t think this is a film that brings a living closure to the Star Wars saga, but rather a post-mortem homage and a sort of great hits album.