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Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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19-Dec-2019, 4:46 AM
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voltwaffle said:

theprequelsrule said:

So wait, is Star Wars really the Saga of Palpatine? %^%&& Disney in their #@4%^!!!

One hundred percent. This isn’t the Skywalker saga, it’s the Palpatine saga. He’s the only character to be continuously present in all eras of this story and is also the only one that actually succeeds in some of his efforts.

Well, Ben Solo is technically also a Skywalker so it depends on how you see it. As messy as TROS was I’m at least glad that they acknowledged that the “Skywalker saga” has to actually focus somewhat on at least one Skywalker as opposed to just new characters. Although flawed in execution, now we can at least follow a continuous Skywalker-related through-line throughout the nine “saga” films.