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General Star Wars Random Thoughts Thread
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17-Dec-2019, 11:24 AM

The Empire Strikes Back - Unnecessary changes were unnecessary.

Once again the new color timing and 4K master (even at 1080p) looked flipping amazing. I cannot stress enough how pleased I am that people watching the SE now have a decent looking version of it!

It’s still one of my favorite movies ever made (probably THE favorite) so enough said about that.

It’s been interesting watching Vader with the mindset of the PT and how he turned to the dark side to gain power and control to bring order to the galaxy but has completely failed at it. Gave a little extra weight to his plea to Luke.

This may be the least offensive of the SE’s but it is still offensive. Some of the new cloud city stuff is kinda cool, but then a lot of it is very sloppily done. Case in point, in leia’s apartment on cloud city the shadows from the roof window very clearly indicate the center circle is NOT a window, yet we see a cloud car fly through it! That’s bugged me since 1997!

The worst offenses are the extra wampa scenes and the Vader going to his star destroyer additions. The wampa scenes are gratuitous and completely erode the dread we feel from the fear of the unknown. The Vader stuff totally destroys the tension built by the marvelous editing of the escape from Bespin. Like TOTALLY ruins it! It kinda pissed me off honestly.

But, the duel in cloud city (my favorite scene in all of cinema) looks GREAT and the lightsabers finally look like they’re supposed to, so there’s that.