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14-Dec-2019, 6:10 PM

Hello all!

I’m an aspiring filmmaker and editor currently in film school. I decided to join this group because I love the despecialized edition of the original trilogy and have been a big fan for years now.

Recently, I decided to take on the project of my first full fan edit of a film. I’ve made a few fan edit trailers over the past year, but I finally had an idea for a full fan edit. I grew up a huge fan of Stephen King and the King miniseries from the '90’s, my favorite of which was always It. When the remake came out a few years ago, I was thrilled, and I absolutely loved it. Then earlier this year, Chapter Two was released, and I was less thrilled. I walked out of the theater telling myself that I’d be making a fan edit the cut the two films together to revert the narrative structure back to the novel, where it flashes back and forth between kids and adults throughout.

I recently completed, what I believe will be (but probably will not be) my final cut of this project. I’ve shared with a few friends but as of now, I’ve been the only person to sit through the massive 4.5 Hour runtime. Though, yesterday I did export two new files that split it up into a more manageable 2.5hr and 2hr15min films. Because I’m new here, I did not want my first post to be in the fan edit page, instead I thought I’d start here. I have the 4.5 hour version currently uploaded to my google drive and I’d love to share with whoever is interested. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to post the link in my post or not, so if someone could let me know the best way to share, that would be great!

Thanks all! Looking forward to joining this group!