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Using Film Grain Effects in a Unique way: Prequel Trilogy + Rogue One into a New Prequel Trilogy
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12-Dec-2019, 5:04 PM

marsthgodofwar said:

Sir Ridley said:

The shots look good, the grain is a good idea. If grading the grain works for you then go for it, but it limits your possibilities a bit. You can’t adjust shadows or highlights separately, you can’t adjust individual colors and you can’t adjust saturation.

Adjustments can always be made to the source video in addition, I’ve just found that doing so always takes away some of what image is there, where grading the grain doesn’t as much.

Are you adding grain in a diff program or something? Cause i add grain in after effects on an adjustment layer above the main files. So i can adjust the separate elements independently. You can also change its opacity and other stuff to the grain then. You could color grade the grain this way too if you wanted. Or noise. If i add grain through another video overlay or something, then it doesn’t look as good.

I personally like grain in movies but not all. It depends on the movie really. Avatar looks better with out imo, but Starwars looks better with some grain. At least that’s my thoughts. It shouldn’t be too noticeable, or a dirty grain unless you’re going for a grindhouse look.

I am curious. Is there a thread to discuss tech related questions. Methods etc? I use After Effects, Davinci Resolve and Handbrake for exp. I know i’ve had questions about settings and more.