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Biggs Audio Dynamite
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STAR WARS: Episode 7 & 8 [Trilogy enhancement]
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12-Dec-2019, 10:09 AM
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Anjohan said:

oojason said:

Anjohan said:

I need some feedback on this approach, before I either give it the green light or the bin:

This change is to TRY and up Kylo’s stakes in the film, and also make his motivation later on to betray Snoke clearer. Audio happily borrowed from a YouTuber.

I like the concept of it quite a lot and think it does up the stakes and give an insight into why Kylo may feel he is being played for a fool by Snoke (afterall, Kylo has already killed his dad…)

It did require a few repeat viewings to hear clearly what Snoke was saying - despite that it was some good voice acting (just the audio levels were a little off) - or I need another hearing test 😉

I think it is a solid idea, mate.

Cheers, bud. I agree. He should by now feel that Snoke is only using him to get rid of important figures, not by any concern or care for him.

I love this, adding to Kylo’s conflict, that his actions have been manipulated - and that Snoke doesn’t think of him as worthy, as Kylo wants himself to be just that to Snoke - makes his turn vs Snoke later all the more telling. A profound idea.

Ah, I see you have decided. Sorry (though still a good idea 😃 The volume was an issue for me, but I thought the Snoke voice was very good - and was just change of tone, or attitude, from within him.