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Rudolph tRNR : the Complete Story (Released)
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11-Dec-2019, 9:26 PM
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14-Aug-2020, 8:59 AM
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So Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer from Rankin and Bass has gone through 5 major edits in the 40 years span. This edit will restore a lost scene (sadly only in black and white) lost song (Fortune and Glory) full length version of the songs Misfits and Elf Song, Santa going to the Island to pick up the Misfit toys, Econ finding his Peppermint mine and the original credits included as well as the newer ones, to show the two. I can’t restore the B/W footage to color, I don’t know how, but the film will be in order and will be the first time the Complete Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer will ever be seen, besides by those who made it. It was edited the first time it was even shown on TV.

Edit 1) No Toys, was added a year later, No FaG Song cut for time
Edit 2) Toys, no credits, no Econ, Both songs shortened for time
Edit 3) No Misfit Song, but FaG Song Sung by different actors
Edit 4) Misfit Song added, but FaG Animation
Edit 5) No Econ, Misfit Song with OF Animation back in, no FaG

To see all changes made to the special -

I’ll try to get this done before X-Mas USA-EST

The Footage is from a Original TV Recording for B/W scenes, Both VHS Releases, and the current DVD.

I honestly don’t consider this to be a restoration, because the Toys were not in the original version, it was added a year later because kids did a write in campaign to R/B

(I’m finished, it’s just rendering. The bulk of the work was done by a Bluray Rip, with them adding in the scenes cut from TV Airing, considering most people watch this off TV they’ll still be new for them. But the lost song and alternate ending are still not included on Bluray so I added them into it. The Alternate Ending now comes first, and then the Toys are saved from the Island. Kind of makes it a post credit scene)