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STAR WARS: Episode 7 & 8 [Trilogy enhancement]
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11-Dec-2019, 3:45 PM
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CarboniteSolo said:

I would love to see a scene at the end of TFA, when Han is killed, we get a quick cutaway (like in Empire when Luke was on the Falcon talking to Vader) First Leia, knowing Han was just killed, then Luke, as he feels it also. That’s how I would have done that scene originally. It would have mirrored Empire. That would have been Luke’s first scene. Fans would have gotten that.

I don’t get why they don’t get this when making new Star Wars films.

It’s definitely not a bad idea, and I can absolutely see the emotional weight to that. The only problem is; if I, or anyone, should do this, it completely ruins the surprise of Luke at the end (that he is on the island, how he looks etc.)

Of course, what could be done - is a quick close-up of his eyes/face, perhaps followed with a shocked gasp, thereafter followed by Leia’s reaction. This way, I wouldn’t have to ruin the surprise (completely).

Also, doing this would remove the very beautiful “Falcon… wait… Where’s Han?” scene and the “Luke mourning Han”. Because this thought process would have happened already. In other words, it would remove even more humanization from Luke in The Last Jedi - and he’s very dark in that movie (although not nearly as somber in mine - or unstable).