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Info & Info Wanted: 'The Care Bears Movie' (1985) Samuel Goldwyn/Nelvana - Original Theatrical Release/Stereo Remix
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11-Dec-2019, 2:43 AM
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25-Jul-2020, 7:57 PM
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I have noticed first that this LP of the Nelvana produced/Samuel Goldwyn distributed release of 1985’s Care Bears Movie includes the film’s songs as well as selections of the score composed by Patricia Cullen… in Stereo.

All video releases have the film in mono sound. However, an Ebay listing of a 35mm print says it is in Dolby Stereo, as it shows a 2-channel optical track on the film. It could be in mono, but some of the stereo recordings from the LP can help.

According to the Youtube user of this video, “the credit screen color (blue) that was seen on Canada’s ‘First Choice-SuperChannel’ when the movie debuted there in late-fall of 1986”.

The blue background in the credits might be original since it is on the 1985 Vestron VHS release.

So when it was first released in 1985, did it have the blue screen credits? Well, most prints since MGM released newer prints of the movie first on VHS in 2000 included black screen credits from now onward, and even on the latest Starz broadcast. Why the change to the black background?

Maybe the blue screen was probably to match the Samuel Goldwyn Company logo at the start of the film with a synthesized fanfare composed for the film based on Carole King’s title song.

To sum up, is there a possible stereo remix and blue-screen credits from its original 1985 release, and change to the black background on newer prints since 2000?